Hip Daddy

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The Curated Hip Daddy Holiday Gift Guide.

Christmas is coming, the Holidays are here.  And although  your focus might just be on the kids, every Hip Daddy needs some “thing”, so let’s help sort it out.  Below is a curated selection from past Hip Daddy posts that are indeed can’t miss gifts for every Hip Daddy.  And yes, they all come with a guaranteed Hip Daddy Approved stamp…


You need some denim.  Try 3×1 or Paige.  Shoes are a must…Stan Smith or some Nike Roshe are #nobrainers.  Something for the wrist is likely a good thing, we love Shinola.  And some layering is always a smart for the winter months, so try Marine Layer or Faherty or a favorite, Surfside Supply.  And finally, you need this John Varvatos bag.


Keep the skin looking damn good, try some Drunk Elephant and FATCO…and yes, we are serious with these brand names 🙂  Eat some avocado toast and workout- Barrys, SoulCycle and OrangeTheory have you covered.


Doppler Labs is a must check out for every set of Hip Daddy ears, and speaking of tuning things out, every Hip Daddy might need some Headspace.  Upgrade the Hip Daddy Household with some Eero, Framebridge, and Canary.  And lastly, get some more space with Cubiq.


One word…Montecito.  An all-time favorite Hip Daddy destination, book the trip now, #itsthatsimple.

There you have it.  Quite the list.  Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Holidays…enjoy the family. Be present.  Laugh.  Love.  Eat.  Be merry.