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Canary: Smart Home Security For All Hip Daddy Households.

Safety first.  That’s right.  Every Hip Daddy Household believes in protecting the little ones…from whatever comes their way.  And let’s talk about a category that is still sort of stuck in the 90’s when it comes to overall advancement…

Home security systems.  Lots of fun.  Sensors on doors and windows, a little compartment mounted on the wall that basically yells at you during setup.  And heaven forbid you press the wrong button, all hell could break lose with alarm sirens blaring.  Or better yet, a false alarm takes place and you forget you security password…either the SWAT team is coming for you, or nobody at all.  The whole experience is sort of (in itself) scary and not useful…which is why 2/3 of people with security systems leave them off.  Not smart.   And unfortunately today, the term ‘burglars’ has been replaced by ‘Home Invasions’ and people spying and hacking…the world is dangerous and our security systems need to be more “dangerous’ and smarter.

Enter Canary…smartphone accessible home security that let’s you see, hear and feel what’s happening from anywhere.  Now we are talking.  The complete system is packed into one beautiful small device that will look good in whatever Hip Daddy room…seriously, the design is very nice and makes it even more appealing.  And the set-up?  Easy peasy.  Simply connect to wi-fi and Canary takes over and ‘learns’ and adapts to your home over time (a la Nest.)  You receive intelligence notifications with HD video directly to your phone, so you can better understand what is actually going on in your home vs. relying on sensors etc.  It’s also perfect for renters, given nothing really exists for any of you Hip daddy renters…this use case alone is brilliant.   Although their price point is maybe even a bit too low to inspire mass confidence, we will keep an eye on them as they scale and awareness builds….they did raise $10 million earlier this year for a reason.

Overall, the concept is smart and long overdue.  Every Hip Daddy knows “We Must Protect This House”, and in doing so, Canary is a Must Check Out.