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12 23

The Hip Daddy Do’s and Don’ts List for Holiday Break.

And here we are.  2014 is coming to a close.  That was quick, seriously.  Well, the kids are out on break, which means the Holidays are in full swing and things are hopefully getting a little festive and merry in your life.   We here at Hip Daddy HQ especially love Christmas, it’s our favorite.  And with that being said, we have curated a Do/Don’t List for all you Hip Daddys looking to make an already awesome Holiday even better.  For starters, please DO keep reading…

Do…get a real Christmas Tree.  Fake ones are too easy, and the kids will enjoy the ‘process’.  Yes you will likely get completely ripped off but in the end, the smell and falling pine needles everywhere is well worth it!

Don’t…be ‘expected.’  Although we love giving gifts, and can certainly appreciate a detailed Christmas Gift wish list, we do like to mix it up a bit and buy things that they might not be expecting…but we know, will surely love.  Mystery is a good thing once in awhile.  Now this strategy might not bode well for the kids in your life, but def try it for that significant other!

Do…light a fire.  (In the fireplace or fire pit preferably.)  Nothing better than throwing some logs in the fireplace and getting cozy with the kids…snap, crackle, pop…the sounds of a hot and bright fire are very peaceful.

Don’t…try to wrap the presents on your own.  Go to the mall and visit one of those free wrapping stations…#bestinventionever.

Do…make a Ginger Bread House.  A Classic.  Fun thing to do with the kids and is simply a Hip Daddy Must.

Don’t…use technology too much.  Put down the phones, the iPads, the Xbox, etc.  Enjoy one another.  Talk, share, listen, laugh.  Be present.  That said…

Do….watch some of the Family classics like Rudolph, Charlie Brown Christmas, and of course Christmas Vacation.  Oh, and yes, we will admit it…Love Actually is pretty awesome too.   And please…

Don’t…forget about College Football.  The Bowl season is lots of fun and includes all sorts of randomly sponsored games (ie. Taxslayer Bowl and Idaho Potato Bowl) that actually tend to be great competition.  And let’s not forget the Playoff system is finally here…#RollTide.

Do…Find a Mistletoe.  Actually, not even sure if they still exist, but if you come across one…all set.

Don’t…get stressed.  Yes, lots to do and people to please, but at the end of the day, ’tis the season to be jolly…so try it.

And last but not least,

Do…get some snow.  The Winter Holiday break needs snow. Go sledding, skiing, snowboarding, make an igloo, build a snowman, throw a snowball, get some snowpants on…find some snow, somehow, some way.  (And they make it in Vermont btw!)

So there you have it.  Some Hip Daddy Dos&Donts for your Winter break.  Happy Holidays!