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04 04

Happy Easter. Brush Your Teeth.

Easter is a wonderful day, complete with all sorts of family festivities. From the Easter egg hunt to 'dressing up' for Church to eating all sorts of delicious...

09 28

Classrooms Matter. Period.

Kids need to be in school, that's the hot take today.  Especially those 7th grade and under.  Remote learning simply is not ideal for the younger minds.  They need...

08 19

Hip Daddy Hot Tip: Etiquette.

This is for all the Hip Daddy's that have teenage and older sons that are starting to date.  It's quite simple...always hold the door for the girl/woman (basic, hopefully...

04 20

Be Like Mike: The Last Dance.

You want your kids to learn something about hard work, about winning, about teamwork, about even harder work? Have them watch "Last Dance".  Now, ofcourse, age appropriate here, but...

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