Hip Daddy

03 25

Today’s Hip Daddy Workout: Barry’s Bootcamp

Have you ever tried Barry’s? If not, now is the time.  This workout is the ultimate in Group Fitness and will leave you dripping…like really sweating.  Now it seems everyone has a ‘bootcamp’ of sorts these days…from energetic suburb moms to random dudes working out in parks..but this one is very legit and was even voted  the “Best Celebrity Workout”…validation in that!  This 1000 calorie shedding workout is a combination of many exercises but most likely involves a Woodway treadmill and some floor weight routine.  And let’s not forget the cool ambiance…beautifully designed bootcamp theme spaces with music blasting…sort of a SoulCycle thing going on…but there are no bikes here!  This is indeed a workout for all you Hip Daddys, one that will transform the body and mind.

And have no fear Bostonians looking to ditch the Reebok CrossFit thing (ouch), Barry’s opened late last year in downtown so now you can partake in this Hip Daddy Approved Workout.  No sweat.