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From start-ups to innovative products, we like technology that enables a more dynamic and modern Hip Daddy lifestyle.

05 01

The Shinola Runwell. Bold.

As you know, we have been fans of this straight outta Detroit brand for awhile now, Shinola just suits every Hip Daddy.  And for those of you going back...

04 03


Okay, so we've always been in the know on all things emerging tech here at HD HQ, so we know a thing about the NFT craze. 

01 11


TECH.  What a year for technology, so many people around the world learned so many new technologies.  It was a year of discovery and #mostdef a digital-first mentality.  Obviously,...

04 22

Tik Tok Makes Us Happy.

Well, it makes our kids even happier.  If there is one social media platform that I'm okay with the kids spending time on during these COVID times, it is...

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