Hip Daddy

12 18

Gifts Are Coming. Handwritten Thank You Notes Are A Must.

Tis’ the season of gift giving.  From Christmas to Hanukkah to Office Secret Santas, gifts are coming.  And with that being said, the correct ‘thank you’ is in order.  Now it is 2014 and the modes of communication are plentiful.  A simple text, an email, a Facebook post, a tweet, a Viber sticker…all quick and easy ways to express your thanks.  But there is something to be said about the good ‘old fashioned’ thank you note…yes, handwritten.

Growing up, it was simply a way of life.  If someone got you a gift, you took out your stationary (likely with your initials on it) and you wrote some nice words of gratitude.  You sealed the envelop with your lips (yuck), put a stamp on it, and off it went with our friends at USPS.  The person on the receiving end, opened it, read it, and likely smiled…and thought, “what a good boy/girl/man/woman.”  It’s just what you did in life when receiving a gift of any sort.  So yes, times have changed, but manners never do.  Handwritten thank you notes are timeless, classy, the right thing to do….and most certainly Hip Daddy Approved.  (Side note, as it relates to job interviews, we know many CEO’s who would still rather hire a candidate who sent a handwritten note vs. a quick email…it says a lot about who you are and your value systems.)

So this Holiday season, we hope all Hip Daddys will lead by example and keep writing those thank you notes…your children will watch and learn.  And make the ‘exercise’ creative and for them…buy them their own stationary and some cool crayons or pens, stickers, etc., whatever it takes to keep them interested in this utmost important Holiday task.

Handwritten notes are a form of art.  And every Hip Daddy and child loves some art!  Get a gift, write a thank you note.  It’s that simple.  Happy Holidays.