Hip Daddy

10 28

We Love A Good Orange Watch From Shinola.

Detroit.  A great American city going through a creative and cultural re-birth.  Yes, we love Eminem and those TV commercials from Chrysler with the great tagline “Imported From Detroit”, but we are also still likin’ a very awesome lifestyle brand called Shinola. We’ve covered them before here and they’ve been around for a bit now, but in the spirit of Halloween and the great color of Orange, let’s talk specifically about their watch collection.

The Shinola Runwell is the first ever watch series made in Detroit.  “Inspired by Henry Ford’s approach to color, only orange-er”, the Runwell is engineered with an obsessive focus on crafting a watch of the highest possible quality.  Anything inspired by Henry Ford is most def Hip Daddy Approved, and the obsession to detail and overall craftsmanship is something you just have to admire from these Detroit makers.  Even better, with the black premium American-made leather strap, this specific watch is the ultimate Halloween beauty!

Detroit always deserves some attention.  And every Trick or Treating Dad needs to know what time it is.  We love Orange.  Happy Halloween.