Hip Daddy

08 11

Hip Daddy Start-Up Watch: Doppler Labs

We here at Hip Daddy HQ are always looking for companies doing or attempting to do amazing things.  And yes, we love sounds…from music to the hum of a summer fan in the window to the 7 year old snoring.  We love our ears.  So let’s talk about sound…

Doppler Labs was founded in 2013 with the mission to create wearable tech that makes computing more immersive and human.  In the near-term they are focused on building “hearables,” wearable technology for the ears that optimize the way you hear the world.  This term, ‘hearables, is totally Hip Daddy Approved.  Smart mission too.  Oh, and they’ve raised nearly $50 million to date…so watch out folks…

Coming from Doppler is the revolutionary Here One – the first all-in-one, truly wireless listening system.  With two smart buds and a connected app, you can stream music, take phone calls, reduce unwanted noise, amplify speech, access Siri and Google Now, and more. “Selectively choose what you want to hear and remove what you don’t.  Everything else is just a headphone.”  #Nuffsaid.  (Now they could devote some time to a new website as the current one is not so great, but we will give them a hall pass just this once.)

Here’s the thing…you can’t get them yet…boo.  But get on the pre-order list and your ears will thank you later.  Keep up the good work Doppler, Hip Daddy is watching!