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10 04

FATCO for Your Face.

Skin health is important for all Hip Daddys, especially as we get older and aging creeps in…which is not Hip Daddy Approved #justsayin.  That said, wrinkles and lines are unfortunately a part of the deal when you have kids (LOL), but have no fear, Hip Daddy has you covered.  We are always looking for interesting and smart companies that can help our skin, so let’s talk about ‘fat’…but in a good way…

FATCO believes in using real food for your skin.  Say what? Yes, it’s true.  Not only is FATCO Paleo-Certified but the overall good-for-you practice is very interesting.  Their Founder, Cassy, and her passion for clean eating inspired the business — making clean skincare products- feeding your skin is just as important as feeding your appetite, which we really like to hear, and it makes sense! Even better, “FATCO brings awareness and education about how small changes in your life can improve your skin as well as your overall health.  Tallow and other naturally occurring ingredients are the basis for FATCO’s products — upholding the idea that just like clean dieting, clean hygiene is a sound approach to living well.”   Nicely said.

Now, in terms of specific products for the Hip Daddy, we are liking their Myrrhaculous Face Cream and Face Oil.  The anti-aging face cream is ofcourse Paleo-certified, rich in nutrients, and made from tallow from grass-fed cows. The key ingredient is myrrh, which moisturizes and helps soothe chapped or cracked skin.  Sounding awesome.  Meanwhile, the anti-aging Face Oil serum is a no brainer, filled with all the similar above ingredients, and all about preserving the Hip Daddy skin.

An oil and a cream, FATCO is helping the skincare cause.  So love your face and check it out.  We aren’t getting any younger…


Earn 1 FAT Buck for every dollar spent