Hip Daddy

03 03

SoulCycle: The Hip Daddy Workout

www.soul-cycle.com.  It started in NYC, as sort of a cult fitness type offering, but has now expanded with locations opening nationwide.  Think of it as spinning in a night club with candles around you…or sort of kind of.    The studios are dark (hence the Jonathan Adler candles) and feature not your typical standard stationary spin bike, while the intense instructors play amazing loud music…from hip hop to EDM to all sorts of genres…they know how to motivate.  And most likely, their ‘spoken word’ will be one of wisdom and inspiration, hence the word ‘Soul.’  You kind of feel like you just went to Church after getting out of a class.  And you will sweat, like really sweat.

For us Boston folk, Soul Cycle has yet to arrive.  Flywheel is here but has an awkward location in a mall.  Re Cycle is okay but cannot compare.  BUT have no fear, Soul is coming soon to Chestnut Hill and a potential Clarendon St. location (if my sources are correct.)  Hooray.

SoulCycle is a full body workout with great tunes and good people all around, it is a very meaningful experience.  And not to mention, it is a well branded, cleanly designed hip company.  So I know some of you Daddys might be doing the whole CrossFit thing, but come on, Reebok? Really?  All kidding aside, check out Soul and you might just find yourself addicted…