Hip Daddy

01 12

Framebridge: Framing Made Better.

Pictures are important.  And outside of Instagram and Facebook, every Hip Daddy needs some of their Hip Daddy moments brought to life in hard form.  And that means going old school- printing out the pictures/uploading and framing them.  Wow.  Sounds so hard.  Well, it’s not, we got you covered….

So you can go to Target or any other store that sells frames, fine option, nothing flashy and affordable.  Or you can go the custom route, which has typically been expensive and time consuming.  But thanks to a company called Framebridge, the ‘exercise’ of framing pictures is actually quite simple…and affordable.   Like most things in life, it all starts with an app.  The Framebridge app is nicely designed, easy to navigate and again, makes then entire process clear and fast.  There are various frame options from the Hudson to the Rialto and even better, it’s quick.  So frame the Little League pic, the school photo, the group funny shot, or simply a ‘hero’ shot of Hip Daddy himself (not a bad option!)

Kudos to Framebridge for simplifying the art of framing and moreso, for adding some nice beauty to the Hip Daddy Household.