Hip Daddy

07 15

Want More Space? Cubiq is “Uber For Personal Storage.”

Okay, Hip Daddy is based in Boston, home to many innovative start-ups…in the city and across the river in Cambridge.  Many of them are amazing and doing things to move technology and life forward, but if there is one you NEED to know about, it’s Cubiq.

Cubiq is disrupting the storage category in the most useful and purposeful way ever.  In a nutshell, Cubiq comes to your home/apartment/dorm room/business, brings secure containers that you use to store the items you don’t have space for, categorizes and photographs all items in a smartphone app, and then delivers them back to you at the click of a button…it’s that simple!  So now it’s not even about ‘storage’…but more about having items at your becking call whenever you need them.  It’s like having a never ending closet that you can always access from anywhere.   Wow.  Now Hip Daddys don’t need to move to the suburbs for that envious ‘more space’ issue.  Great news.

Cubiq is enabling a better way of living for all urban dwellers.  If you live in the likes of Boston, NYC, SF, and Chicago, you know space can be limiting.  From small closets to virtually no storage space, trying to live in a city can be difficult.  Introduce some kids to the mix, and things get even tighter.  No room for toys, strollers, legos, bunk beds etc, raising kids in cramped spaces can be stressful.  But Cubiq fosters happy environments by giving you the room to enjoy time with your family and more.  And the founder of Cubiq knows your struggles and started the company because of this reality, a Hip Daddy himself raising two boys in the city!

Cubiq is like having your own personal storage concierge…and what Hip Daddy doesn’t like a concierge?  #justsaying.

So stop paying for that expensive monthly storage unit that you never visit, and check out Cubiq.me…it is the coolest (and most useful) tech-meets-consumer lifestyle start-up you need to know about…right about now.   Boston has many smart things, Cubiq is one of them.  And last but not least, mention Hip Daddy and they might even give you a special deal!