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05 02

Why We Love Avocado Toast.

Because it's so damn good. #itsthatsimple. Oh, and it has protein, the healthy fat, and some carbs to fill you up. This is the perfect breakfast...

02 08

Floating Therapy, Gotta Try It.

Kind of weird, kinda intriguing...Hip Daddy curious.  Lots of new 'therapy' these days when it comes to health and wellness, and one we are hearing more and more about...

01 08

Now Trending: Celery Juice.

It’s a thing. And actually something that has been fueled by the likes of Instagram, really. A social media ‘health’ trend created because of some…

12 18

Gift Guide: Peloton.

New Year's Resolutions are coming, and chances are every Hip Daddy needs some health and wellness 'updates.'  And although we have been fans of the physical in-studio group fitness...

11 01

Aesop. Shave Wisely.

Okay, so it's Movember November which means you shouldn't shave persay.  But if you do...you need to do it ‘right.'  And doing it right means a few things.  The...

09 19

A Better Brush…Bogobrush.

Taking care of your teeth is a Hip Daddy Must, #plainandsimple. Those 'pearly' whites are important for not only your smile, but also for your overall Hip Daddy...

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