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We cover the latest in food, exercise, wellness and all things that will keep you on top of your game, and live that Healthy Hip Daddy lifestyle.

12 18

Gift Guide: Peloton.

New Year's Resolutions are coming, and chances are every Hip Daddy needs some health and wellness 'updates.'  And although we have been fans of the physical in-studio group fitness...

11 01

Aesop. Shave Wisely.

Okay, so it's Movember November which means you shouldn't shave persay.  But if you do...you need to do it ‘right.'  And doing it right means a few things.  The...

09 19

A Better Brush…Bogobrush.

Taking care of your teeth is a Hip Daddy Must, #plainandsimple. Those 'pearly' whites are important for not only your smile, but also for your overall Hip Daddy...

05 22

A Handsome Healthier You? Know Hims.

We are liking this relatively new upstart brand straight outta San Francisco.  It's called hims, and is sort of perfect for every Hip Daddy.  A "handsome, healthy you" sounds...

01 03

A New Year: Try These Two Apps.

Happy Hip Daddy New Year.  2018 #letsgo. Your mind is important.  Your sanity is always a must.  Brain health is a good thing.  And sometimes a little meditation can bring...

12 01

Get Your Daily Health With Daily Harvest.

The Hip Daddy lifestyle could always use a healthy smoothie, especially one delivered to you #nobrainer.  Enter Daily Harvest.  Your health hack frozen fresh is basically what this company does.  Fresh...

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