Hip Daddy

04 01

Happy Easter. The Quip Toothbrush Has You Covered.

Happy Easter.  Now Brush Your Teeth.  It’s pretty simple.  Candy and sugar equals cavities which equals toothpaste and toothbrush.  And yes, tonight, and tomorrow morning.  And that goes for both adults and kids…

“Designed with every mouth in mind”, the Quip toothbrush is an affordable, electric toothbrush designed to simply brush better #itsthatsimple.  Sure, it’s approved by the American Dental Association and was in fact named as one of Time’s “Best Invention”, and indeed makes for a simplified and fluid brushing experience…but we like quip because of their belief that good design can better impact oral health.  They also offer a complete online community of tips and commentary around the dental world, supplying a much needed more modern bridge between you and your dentist.

Quip cares about your teeth.  And we care about our children’s teeth and our own.  Easter will be over soon enough.  Brush up.