Hip Daddy

06 21

SoulCycle Is Now a Media Company? Interesting.

Yes, we all know, Hip Daddy loves us some Soul.  We’ve been in it since the beginning and has been exciting to see the brand and company develop.   But now what? With the Pelotons of the world gaining huge praise and popularity, and other in-home/at work/out of gym experiences making on-demand group sweat more accessible, can this indoor cycling meets therapy session concept still survive?  We think so.  The customer base is there, and ain’t going anywhere anytime soon.  Cult following…it always helps.  Their limited edition apparel collabs still sell out within moments…once that stops, then we can start thinking about a demise.  But for now, let’s keep it positive and talk their latest move: A Media Company.

In a nutshell, the brand realizes it’s influence (in more ways than one) and wants to further monetize, likely.  SoulCycle’s media arm is designed “to deliver meaningful and transformative experiences around the globe that complement our studio experience” and programming will reportedly consist of content using a variety of mediums, including music, video, audio and experiential events.  Sounds awesome, but will this work? Not sure, honestly.  Might be a bit of a stretch.  Stick to what you know, but like the ambition here.  Will be interesting to see where this all goes and how it impacts the beloved fitness experience and lifestyle.

For now, still cheering for you SC!