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09 28

Hip Daddy Health: Hurom Slow Juicer

Hip Daddy is all about a healthy lifestyle.  And anyone familiar with us probably knows that we are into fresh and nutritious juices, such as Pressed Juicery, Juice Press, and Blueprint Juices – we know that buying juices from either of these companies is a quick and easy solution to getting that nutrient rich juice that has recently become so popular.  Still, Hip Daddy loves the DIY mentality, and Hurom has just what we need in terms of a do-it-yourself juicing option.  You simply can’t beat fresh juice, and you can’t get fresher than juice made in your very own kitchen.  Simply put, Hurom makes juicing at home easy, fun, and delicious.

Since 1974, Hurom has developed cutting edge technology designed with health and well-being at its core. Hurom makes a line of slow juicers that are both easy to use and clean.  These juicers uses Slow Squeezing Technology (SST™) to preserve the integrity of your ingredients, both in taste and nutrition.  With this appliance, making fresh and nutritious juice is as easy as cutting up your ingredients, and choosing your desired pulp level.  The best part of having one of these juicers is that you get to decide exactly what goes in your juice, and after it’s made, you know exactly what you’re drinking.  We like ‘knowing.’  And also important, the Hurom juicer operates at about 30 decibels (“as quiet as a conversation”) so it can be used without disturbing the kids or others around you…nobody likes a loud kitchen appliance, #justsayin.

And in terms of a Hip Daddy Household activity, juicing is a great one for the kids.  Pick the fruit and vegetables together, carefully curate what will go into the juicer, and out it comes.  Applying names to each juice they create is a great idea as well!  And speaking of the kids, Hurom designed its juicers with safety in mind, so no worries with this kitchen activity.

Although store bought juices are great, they can be pricey at $7 for a single serving of fresh juice.  With a Hurom, you will likely save money in the end, and feel even healthier with this DIY ethos.  This appliance will earn its spot on your kitchen counter.  You’ll love it and your kids will too, so give Hurom a try.  Hip Daddy Approved.