Hip Daddy

09 19

A Better Brush…Bogobrush.

Taking care of your teeth is a Hip Daddy Must, #plainandsimple.  Those ‘pearly’ whites are important for not only your smile, but also for your overall Hip Daddy Health.  And yes, by now, we all know we don’t floss as much as we should but how about the brushing?  Finding the perfect toothbrush is not easy.  The category is full of sameness, but if you want to do your mouth and teeth a favor, you could throw down and buy a Sonicare.  Or, you could go the opposite end of the spectrum.  A very simple toothbrush, one with a very awesome design and purpose…

Beautiully designed, ecologically sound, socially minded…Bogobrush is simply awesome.  Talk about simplifying something…Bogobrush is made from bamboo and has no useless grips or gimmicks, it fits in every hand and cleans your teeth, it’s that simple.  Even better, similar to the likes of Toms, Warby Parker, and Harry’s, Bogobrush “Buy One + Give One” program is smart and attempts to make the world a better place.  When you buy a Bogobrush, they send the same high quality brush to someone in need, “so you both can enjoy a beautiful toothbrush every morning and night.”  And given over 80 million people in the US lack access to adequate dental care, Bogobrush really deserves some Hip Daddy props.

In terms of their mission, they aspire to make a 100% biodegradable toothbrush…how cool is that?  And as their search for the ideal bristle materials is always evolving, you can still compost the handle…just take out your pliers and pull out those bristles and back to the earth the bamboo can go! Green is Good.

So a few things: go buy a Bogobrush and your bathroom will get some instant ‘cool factor’.  Buy a Bogobrush and you will be cleaning someone else’s teeth too.  Buy a Bogo and help save the planet.  Not bad?  Agreed.  Bogobrush is a Hip Daddy No Brainer.