Hip Daddy

05 22

A Handsome Healthier You? Know Hims.

We are liking this relatively new upstart brand straight outta San Francisco.  It’s called hims, and is sort of perfect for every Hip Daddy.  A “handsome, healthy you” sounds about right, and their mission is to create an open and empowered male culture that results in more proactivity around health and preventative self care.  Okay, a bit lofty but we like a company that believes in the higher power.

From hair to skin to sex to oral care, hims has you covered from head to toe.   Let’s focus on hair, as that seems to be there sweet spot.  It’s all about prevention and although some Hip Daddy’s dig the bald look, this Hip Daddy does not…nor do our kids evidently 🙂  From their shampoo to Finasteride to an edible kit, hims offers an array of products to all help the hair, and that deserves a Hip Daddy Hooray.  We like their branding and overall voice too…and the company is apparently doing quite well with a valuation over $200M. So let’s keep the dream alive and give them a try.  Who doesn’t want to look handsome and healthy anyways.