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A New Year: Try These Two Apps.

Happy Hip Daddy New Year.  2018 #letsgo.

Your mind is important.  Your sanity is always a must.  Brain health is a good thing.  And sometimes a little meditation can bring you that clarity and release you might just need.  So download these two and get your head straight in 2018.

Headspace.  We love “Andy”, and this meditation app is perfectly designed (great UX), sometimes dreamy and overall the sessions are very calming…and yes, it even works.  And let’s just say this meditation thing isn’t easy for this Hip Daddy, but we are learning.  Andy helps.

Brain HQ.  Exercising your brain is simply a must, you aren’t getting any younger and your life isn’t getting any less complex.  So you need that brain working on all cylinders and helping all Hip Daddys be the best they can be.  Brain HQ contains a variety of exercises, each with different purposes/functions, that will leave you coming back for more…kind of makes you want to establish a routine which yes, is what we want.

Start there.  Breathe.  Focus.  Be mindful.  Think.  It’s all in your head 🙂