Hip Daddy

03 12

Never Throw Away Lettuce Again, SAVRpak Is Here!

Okay Hip Daddy Households…how many of you throw away lettuce and berries on a routinely (unfortunately) basis?  Guilty as charged.

Let’s talk SAVRpak.  This isn’t your typical TikTok or IG hack on making your leafy greens last longer with a paper towel, this is actual science invented by a leading aerospace engineer designed to keep food fresher, longer…leveraging physics and the laws of thermodynamics to remove all condensation from any packaging.  So it’s literally Rocket Science for Food! What this means is no more soggy food, no more wilted, spoiled lettuce, or moldy berries #yesplease.

SAVRpak came fast and furiously on the scene with a food delivery solution, but has since expanded into the world of delicate produce working with all the leading growers/farms on a shelf-life extension solution.  But now, just this weekend, given all the consumer demand they received, they have introduced an at-home solution for all Hip Daddy households…well, only those in Texas right now 🙂  With Costco as their launch partner, those bulk bins of leafy greens will now actually last and not end up in the garbage, which also means saving Hip Daddy nation money!

These new produce freshness packs could possibly be an absolute game changer, time will tell.  But for now, we love innovative tech companies like SAVRpak, and will anxiously await our local Costco to start carrying these! Otherwise Texas #roadtrip baby, SXSW is happening this week too so great excuse #justsayin.