Hip Daddy

11 05

The Future Of City Living: On-Demand Storage.

Yes, we love living in the city.  Convenient, vibrant, diverse, never dull, busy, beautiful, it has plenty upside (even during COVID-19). And really, the only thing we might miss in the suburbs would be some of our own grass, strip malls with really big grocery stores…oh, and maybe a garage to house a Suburban or some really big SUV that can handle all the kids and their ‘stuff’. But we digress.  City living can be hard.  No matter where you live or how you live- space is limited and this is simply a reality we deal with.

“There is not enough closet space” or “there is practically no storage space” or “there is not enough room for our___”.  These are just some of the complaints realtors deal with on a likely daily basis when trying to sell/rent property in the city.   Want.  More.  Space.  But.  Can’t.  Have.  It.  Well, now you can.  The future of city living is vastly changing thanks to the wonderful world of accessible and on-demand technology solutions…let’s talk on-demand storage.

Imagine having a never-ending closet.  Imagine having space for all your belongings (in some form.)  Imagine not having to let go of those things you really don’t want to let go of simply because you chose to live in a city.  Imagine not having to drive to the suburbs to retrieve whatever it is you have in storage (even though you already forgot what you actually had in storage but still pay that monthly bill.)  Imagine having all your belongings always with you on your phone.  Imagine clicking a button and voila, those awesome Chuck Taylor hi-tops show up at your doorstep.  Or all your kid’s lacrosse equipment, or the Christmas decorations (or Easter for the sake of this post), or the Spring Break bathing suits and shorts wardrobe, or that artwork, or that book collection because analog will eventually be cool again, or your baby gear because, oops, you did it again, or your golf clubs…all showing up to you, when you need it back.  Well, thanks to the likes of Cubiq and a host of others, living in the city is now actually easier and better.

The on-demand storage concierge concept is totally disrupting an archaic storage industry as well as enabling better living for all…essentially making ‘more space’ possible.  And how about a world where residential buildings no longer need storage units or retailers no longer needing gigantic stock rooms or large corporations no longer needing all that storage space at HQ- efficiency is the name of the game here.

And finally, most importantly, what on-demand storage does best? Keeping all you urban dwelling Hip Daddys not having to succumb to the suburbs just yet…

Get more space.  Now.  Enjoy the city.  The future is here.