Hip Daddy

12 03

Droplette: Keep Your Face Younger Leveraging Science.

Perhaps this company has been using Tom Cruise as a secret tester for awhile, or perhaps not.  Regardless, Droplette is making waves by making skin simply…better.  Created by MIT-trained scientists (ofcourse), and funded by the National Institutes of Health, Droplette is the result of breakthrough science and life-changing pursuits.  Science folks, science.  And yes this company was named a FastCo World Changing Ideas (like Hip Daddy’s other company #dayjob) which means we love it even more 🙂

Droplette is the only connected skincare technology that has both smart optimization by serum and connected skincare session tracking, so yes you can actually “improve your skin from within.”  The micro-infuser is the hero product and that’s where you start.  So there are lots of products on the market all claiming various advances and amazing results…but this one is super smart and worth the try.  Skincare matters people.  And although this Hip Daddy is looking just fine rn :), a little face tech is always welcome!