Hip Daddy

05 05

Today’s Start-Up Watch: UVeye

Similar to how we might get a scan of our body or sit in an MRI machine, there now is this sort of thing for our vehicles.  That’s right, an automatic vehicle inspection tech that uses AI to detect vehicle damage and mechanical issues.  It’s called UVeye and already has partnerships with General Motors, Volvo, and Carmax.  We can all agree the archaic forms of car inspection, in addition to the dealer absurdity when getting your car ‘serviced’  (hours wasted, $$, and always more problems ‘found’), simply no longer work in today’s world of speed and empowering tech.  So it’s nice to see this company, which has now raised more then $200M, attempting to do things differently in the wonderful world of automotive.  Keep it up UVeye, every Hip Daddy wants their cars running safely and smoothly 🙂