Hip Daddy

04 03


Okay, so we’ve always been in the know on all things emerging tech here at HD HQ, so we know a thing about the NFT craze.  But once Mr. Jack Dorsey sold his first tweet, that’s when we started to really get intrigued.

First off, NFT stands for non-fungible token.  Okay so what does that mean? “Non-fungible” basically means it’s unique and can’t be replaced with something else.   NFT’s can basically be anything digital, hence why the selling of tweets and even moreso, art, have gained lots of attention.  Blockchain is ofcourse involved and that’s where our story ends as it can get too complicated for our Hip Daddy nation :).  One last fun fact, Hip Daddy Tom Brady recently got in on the NFT action forming a new company called Autograph, which we discuss in a later post.

But now you know just a bit more than you did before.  And start thinking about your digital footprint and history, and ‘stuff’ in the cloud, could you too have some NFT’s in your life? Highly likely.