Hip Daddy

05 23

Pimple Probz? Starface to the Rescue.

When pimple care meets shoe drops with a hint of Star Wars, you get Starface.  Sort of kind of.  These acne pimple patches blew up on the scene thanks to our friend JB (yes, Justin Bieber) and have stayed in the ‘cool crowd’ since.  But for us, with puberty overtaking our Hip Daddy Household, we get the reason why Starface might be a really good thing for pimples.  It takes the ‘ick’ out of the topic, brings some creativity, and ultimately empowers better positive mindset over these things called zits.  So they are a good things for kids, IMHO.  The Hydro-Star line is where to start, then graduate from there.

And hurry on over, the next drop is only 29 days away.