Hip Daddy

09 10

School Is Back. Can We Get A….

…HECK YEAH! It’s been a minute (or months, like since March) but the time has finally come to walk to the bus stop.  Something we took for granted for so many years, but now, it is one of the most exciting parts of the day #truestory.  A walk to the bus.  So simple, yet so beautiful.

Kids need the school environment, period.  And like every first day of school, they need the right “look” ofcourse, because yes, your IG feeds are all about that #firstday and all the cute outfits dressed by sometimes overly obnoxious parents etc.  But hey, we get it, because we do it too :).  But back to the “look” part, style and swag are the two components and footwear is where you always start.

The Nike Blazer mid is all you need, legit.  Clean white goes with every outfit, girl or boy.  So school is back, start blazin.  And that walk to the bus stop just got better in more ways than one.