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10 27

When Divorce Parties Might Help (IG Not Included.)

First off, seriously with this divorce party trend that has been out there for years now? I mean, come on.  I guess for the most part we find these to be unproductive at many levels (especially when Instagram comes into play:) but for some, they are necessary and helpful…evidently.  But let’s keep it positive here and look for the ‘good’ in these parties, because some, are actually good.

Now obviously COVID has taken the entire landscape of partying to a different place where sadly their aren’t too many parties (unless ofcourse you live in the Ozarks or everywhere in Florida or Texas), but certain celebration can still happen! The other night on a children’s Zoom, we heard a classmate mention his mom and dad had a divorce party.  At first, it was sad to hear, but then you heard the child and his voice, he was “A” okay with it and it meant something to him.  Then we started to think, these ‘parties’ that are done moreso for the children and their understanding are actually really smart and perhaps #brilliant.  Now feelings will come in various forms, but the kids might see that divorce doesn’t have to be a bad thing.  Indeed, divorce can have a lot of baggage and negativity surrounding it in general, but when kids are involved, it needs extra care and love, and perhaps these types of Divorce Parties are serving an important purpose.

So for now, let’s put a check in the “W” column for the Divorce Party trend :).  And please, keep it off social media, just this once #thanks #lol.