Hip Daddy

08 01

Oh Sh*!t, August Is Already Here…

Well…chill the F*&k out for a second.  August is here, yes, and that means hot weather and lots of sun…period.  It does NOT mean you start getting in Back To School mode and getting all worked up about school and Fall life.  You still have a good 3-4 weeks, so RELAX and enjoy this amazing summer month.  We heard some Mom stressing about back to school shoes for her daughter and how they are “locking up the summer home” on August 15th to get “ready”? Since when did summer become a 6 week affair? Don’t buy into this thinking…be the Hip Daddy you are and embrace the Summer.  It doesn’t last long…enough.   And most importantly, the kids need this state of mind too!

Happy August.  Live it.  Love it.  School is not in session…and the shoes will always be there 🙂