Hip Daddy

01 07

Sledding 101: Move To The Side.

Snowfall is finally here in New England…Hip Hip Daddy Hooray!  Amazing to see some white flakes falling finally once again.  So yes, that means it is time to go sledding.  So we did…

We have sledded at this hill for a decade.  It’s a beautiful spot in Boston’s South End, mostly younger parents with younger kids.  So perhaps at this stage, with a 10 year old, we were a bit old.  But we still sled!  It was a different experience.  Kids sledding down the hill then picking up their sleds and walking straight back up the hill into oncoming sledding traffic…huh? Whatever happened to the idea of sledding down the hill, picking up your sled, and walking back up to the side so you do not interrupt the downhill sledders?  Not happening today.  We blame the parents, not the kids.  Perhaps they were transplants and have never sledded themselves?  Perhaps they were too busy trying to capture the ultimate IG story? Perhaps they were preoccupied ordering Starbucks?  Perhaps they just don’t have any sledding 101 education? Whatever the case, it’s quite simple, teach the kids to walk up on the side of the hill so they don’t get run over by a fast moving snow tube :).

Let’s get back to basics.  The snow is here.  Sledding is a must.  Know the rules.  Thanks.