Hip Daddy

04 04

Happy Easter. Brush Your Teeth.

Despite maybe COVID hampering some this year…Easter is a wonderful day, complete with all sorts of family festivities.  From the Easter egg hunt to ‘dressing up’ for Church to eating all sorts of delicious food to the Easter Bunny himself, lots going on.  And let’s not forget, the Easter baskets full of goodies….chocolate eggs, jelly beans, Cadbury bunnies, etc…you name it, we got it.  It’s a sugary type of day #nodoubt…

Like lots of sugar.   Like let them gorge on the candy at 8am type deal.  Absurd? Yes.  But hey, they are still young and one day a year won’t hurt them.  Right? Well, the one thing that can help the guilt is having them do one simple thing…BRUSH THE TEETH a few times today.  It’s that simple.

So please enjoy Easter, but end the day with some brushing.  Keep those kids teeth shiny and healthy…nobody likes the dentist here at Hip Daddy HQ.  Hop ’till you drop…