Hip Daddy

04 24

Kid’s Bathing Suit? JCREW is a Can’t Miss.

It’s Spring and Summer is coming. So #1 on the list is the bathing suit. Hopefully you Hip Daddys have been doing the Soul Cycle and Barrys Bootcamp in preparation for this moment (swimsuit selection and unveiling)!  And as it goes for the kids, they can get excited with thoughts of swimming in the ocean, beach sand in between their toes, and the smell of SPF.  It’s never too soon to get the warm weather vibe going…especially after this long winter.

Look no further than JCREW.  Yes, there are plenty of options out there, but when it comes to style, fit and design, JCREW always seems to do the bathing suit right (well done Jenna Lyons!)  And we are talking both Hip Daddy and Girls/Boys.

The Girls bathing suits are adorable and full of patterns and color.  From the tanks to the two-pieces, JCREW has everything for the little lady in your life.  The Boys suits are simply hip and done right…from the board shorts to the trunks, your young man needs to rock one of these oceanside or poolside.

JCREW has completely transformed into a very cool cult brand…in a good way.   Long gone are the days of  just the rollneck sweater and chino pant, JCREW is now a fashion brand to be reckoned with.  The sun is coming, go get some Crew.