Hip Daddy

05 13

Babiators…Your Child Will Rock The Beach With These.

Every parent wants to keep their children’s eyes safe from the glaring Summer sun.  No doubt.  But it’s not that easy, given the adventures that happen throughout the warm weathered months.  Sunglasses for the kids get lost, broken and easily destroyed after a day at the beach or water park.   Hence why many of us simply buy the cheap plastic sunglasses (with a Batman logo etc) that have no staying power but do offer up that instant gratification.  Well, no longer do we need to succumb…

Babiators is an amazing brand.  “Lost? Broken? Replaced! Guaranteed”, that is their motto and product guarantee.  Should you lose or break your Babiators within one year of purchase, they will send you a replacement pair- free.  Talk about a company that understands the parenting lifestyle, they get it…and back it up.   They are safe (100% UVA/UVB Protection lenses), durable (super flexible rubber frames) and simply awesome.   And lastly, the cool packaging they come in is perfect and will make your child feel really good about their new pair.

Hip Daddy rocks the Ray-Bans, the kids roll with the Babiators.  The perfect stylish and smart summer is a here.  Go get some…right about now.