Hip Daddy

06 02

Every Child Needs A Converse Rockaway: The Crocs Killer.

Okay, so yes, Crocs came on the scene years ago and every parent bought them for their children.  They are perfect for summer time…easy on/off, don’t collect sand, and protect the feet.  Easy and functional.  Makes sense.  That said,  it’s 2014 and we’ve grown tired of the Crocs look…like they say, all good things must come to an end.  And thankfully, Converse has created a similar offering with the All Star Rockaway…but with the rockstar Chuck design and vibe that will leave your kid happy, stylish, protected, and ready to rock the beach!

Converse is lifestyle company that understand their consumer.  From the little one to the teenager to the college kid to the Hip Daddy wearing Varvatos, Converse makes footwear that is purposeful, useful and looks damn good on any foot.  They excuse creativity in everything they do.  The Rockaway is perforated and comes in all sorts of different fun colors to hook with any cool bathing suit or playground attire.   The name says it all.

So it’s time to put the Crocs to rest and upgrade to the Converse All Star Rockaway, and let your kids run wild…in style.  It’s that simple.   Hip Daddy Approved.