Hip Daddy

04 25

Custommade.com: Every Hip Daddy Needs Custom.

Custommade.com is a Boston born company you need to know about now.  It is an online marketplace for custom goods, from furniture to jewelry to all sorts of creations.  Their vision: “To put it simply, we believe that everyone should try custom, and we think that buying custom from local Makers is a viable alternative to buying from big box retailers. For that reason, we’re creating a platform that allows you to engage in a whole new way as a consumer.”  This is a pretty awesome belief and concept.  In a nutshell, if you want a one-of-a-kind ‘something’ made, CustomMade enables this via their online marketplace of local artisans and craftsmen.

The idea of ‘custom’ has made a recent comeback, it’s all about storytelling.  Consumers who want custom products have a purpose, and the legit ‘Makers’ on custommade.com are there to help bring your storytelling to life.  Basically, you submit a request and the Makers come back with quotes, and voila, you are one step closer to a one-of-a-kind piece to talk about, and enjoy.  It’s that simple.  And it’s therefore Hip Daddy Approved.

Need a new cool custom bunkbed for the kids? Or how about a new dining table to entertain? Or maybe a new piece of jewelry for a special birthday? Whatever your need is, if you want custom, check out CustomMade.  You won’t  be disappointed, and you will have a story to tell.  Made For You.