Hip Daddy

06 25

West Coast Prep Johnnie-O. No Bribery Needed.

We are feeling this brand out of LA.  We first came across them at the Groovy Gator in Newport and fell in love with their kids polo shirt.  Johnnie-O is a lifestyle apparel brand that merges the casual West Coast style with the classics of the East Coast.  The resulting “West Coast Prep” look is the innovative style that johnnie-O brings to the marketplace.   Hip Daddy likes the sound of ‘west coast prep’…a nice ring to it.  So, yes, they make product for adults, but we want to talk about their kids line…California Cool no doubt.

The Boys Kid’s Jr. Polo is a can’t miss, and so different from anything out there.  And if you have a child that doesn’t like collars or tons of buttons, you will like their description of this shirt- “The one collared shirt you won’t have to bribe him into wearing.”  Kind of perfect.  Yes, it’s true, we have all bribed extra dessert, screen time, etc. in order to get them to wear some piece of ‘grown-up’ clothing for the graduation, big dinner out, Church outing, or anything remotely requiring something other than the Lego, Star Wars Tee.  This Polo is the answer and is ‘fresh’ looking all around.  Meanwhile, the Girls Wedge Collar Pique Polo is precious and the colors make it even more hip.

And what we like most…the logo.  It’s awesome and makes the shirt….it just puts a smile on the face and makes you and your child feel (as our friend Hip Daddy Pharrell says) “Happy.”   More importantly, less need for Vineyard Vines or Lilly anymore…thank you.

We love Johnnie-O.  Hip Daddy-O!