Hip Daddy

06 11

The Hip Daddy Father’s Day Gift Guide Is Here. One&Only.

Well, it is the big moment for all you Hip Daddys…your one day to bask in the glory of your Fatherhood.  Father’s Day is just about here and Daddy needs some gifts..right about now.  We believe in unique gifts, things that not everyone knows about but should know about.  Items that will accompany the Hip Daddy lifestyle and make you an even better Daddy…wow, that sounds nice and very 2014.  So without further adieu, here is your official 1st annual Hip Daddy Father’s Day Gift Guide:

1.) A Shinola Leather Football.

Whether you can throw a football or not, every Hip Daddy needs a pigskin.  Throwing the football around with the kids in the backyard, on the beach, in the streets, or in the house (Not Hip Mommy Approved btw) is simply a part of Fatherhood.  We love the Detroit brand Shinola, and their football is awesome…individually hand cut and sewn with highly-durable polyester thread featuring rawhide lace at the grip and premium leather.  It is a piece of art and will make you feel like Tom Brady and perhaps help you throw a good ball…all kids need to learn to thrown a tight spiral.  So get this now and have a good ole fashion football game on Father’s Day!

2.) Harrys Father & Son Shave Set.

Yes, we love Harrys…what Hip Daddy doesn’t?  This men’s grooming brand is taking the category by storm and now has a cool Father’s Day offering that everyone needs to check out.  Their Father/Son shave set includes a real razor for Dad, and a fake one for Son.  That works.  Every young man needs to learn to shave at some point and Hip Daddy is the teacher…this set is actually quite useful and purposeful…and because of this, it is most def Hip Daddy Father’s Day Approved.

3.) King’s Rope Baseball Cap.

King’s Saddlery & Ropes is an awesome brand/store straight out of Sheridan, Wyoming. They make saddles and ropes and all things western for the Cowboy and Rodeo rider.  That’s Hip by itself.  We love their baseball cap.  The logo is cool and the story behind the brand is of course even cooler.  It will look good on any Hip Daddy #nodoubt.  Side note…everyone needs to visit Sheridan!

4.) The Father’s Day Art Collection from Scott Patt Studio.

Scott Patt is an awesome artist based in Southern California.  His work has been shown around the world from Tokyo to New York.  His current “Bigger. Smaller. Funnier” collection has various prints that are inspired by and speak to Father’s Day…we especially like this one, and this one.  Every Hip Daddy needs a cool piece of art for the office or the den…and these prints are affordable and are that unique gift every Hip Daddy will enjoy.

5.) A Vitamix Blender.

Health and wellness is a key part of every Hip Daddy lifestyle…gotta be on your A-game for the kids! This blender is life changing in more ways than one, but we like the amazing smoothies it helps create in literally one minute.  Just bring the fruit, the almond milk, and the chia seeds, and the Vitamix does the rest.  And it is worth the high price tag…trust us…you will want to take it on vacation with you.  Every Hip Daddy Household needs one of these.  And yes, kids love smoothies too!

Honorable Mention: Bleacher seat tickets to any MLB baseball game.  It’s cheaper and more fun for the kids in the bleachers! We especially like the bleacher atmosphere at Fenway Park, Wrigley Field and Yankee Stadium.  And lastly, for those Hip Daddys that like to enjoy a good beer, try Foolproof Brewing Company, a draft brewery based in Pawtucket, Rhode Island.  They are fun and produce beers for all occasions, the “Backyahd” is perfect for a Hip Daddy Summer night.

So there you have it.  The ultimate Hip Daddy Approved Father’s Day Gift Guide.  Just like that, June 15th just got even better.  Enjoy.

Happy Father’s Day.