Hip Daddy

06 10

Guest Writer: Alex Bogusky’s Top 5 Made In America FD Gifts.

Guest Contributor Alex Bogusky, a creative innovator and entrepreneur (and a Hip Daddy), discusses his favorite Made In America brands & items perfect for Father’s Day and that Hip Daddy in your life.    Enjoy…

Todd Shelton Basic Pro Selvedge Unsanded Dark Jeans
Raw denim and selvage meets a made in New Jersey work ethic in every pair of Todd Shelton jeans.  These come unsanded with the understanding that you will sand them down the old fashion way.  By living in them.  Second-to-none customer service means you get the exact fit you want.  My first pair was proclaimed by my wife as “The best fitting jeans ever.”  That’s all I needed to hear to make me a customer for life.  Note: The denim is from Japan which they call out on their site. Love the total transparency.

Shuron Freeway Glasses in Black fade

Shuron has been making glasses in the US since 1865.  And their website looks like it’s from about 1866.  They don’t speek to the public on their site but it’s worth a visit if you like authentic shit.  This is the go to spot for every Hollywood period flick and although you might have been born too late to hang with the Rat Pack or Malcolm X you can still rock the very same shades they wore.

J.W. HULME Old-School, Bi-Fold Wallet

For nearly 100 years the J.W. Hulme company has been making leather goods in the US and in that time the’ve gotten pretty damn good at it.  In fact unless you own a $3,000 saddle this will be the finest leather piece you own.  If you’re trying to slim down from the humongous Dad wallet but the hipster money clip thing just isn’t working out, this is your move.  You can even get it monogrammed…but since it’s going to last forever… you might want to consider if your son wants his old man’s initials on his wallet.

Shinola Runwell Chrono 47mm

Watches tend to fall into two categories: Serious “timepieces” that cost like a bazillion dollars, and disposable watches that barely remain in style long enough to get them home.  Shinola has brought back the the golden age of American watchmaking with timepieces worthy of being handed down but that don’t break the bank.  Hand assembled in Detroit and held onto your wrist with a NATO style strap made in Largo, Florida. It’s for Daddies that know what time it is.

Gravity Anomoly Longhaul Short

I always tell people if you’re willing to look hard enough you can find pretty much anything made in the US.  These mountain bike shorts would be a favorite if they were made on Mars but they’re made right here in Colorado and it’s obvious these folks are putting in some serious R&D time on the local trails. Super bullet proof with pockets in the right place for stashing gels and bars for those epic rides. If you like a shorter cut their Teamster has you covered. Or slightly less covered to be exact.