Hip Daddy

04 29

Shinola: We Love This Lifestyle Brand From Detroit.

Shinola…”where American is made”…kind of a cool mantra right?  And what better place to be making all this magic happen than Detroit, Michigan.  Shinola is a lifestyle consumer goods company that produces amazing watches, bicycles, leather goods, and journals…all Made In America.   Design, craftsmanship and a great story to tell is what draws Hip Daddy to Shinola.

What’s in the name?  Shinola was originally a shoe polish, and the antiquated idiom “You don’t know sh#t  from Shinola” originated during WWII and referred to the American-made Shinola brand shoe polish with the implication being that a person is not smart enough to know the difference between shoe polish and feces.  Nice…sort of.  The original Shinola shoe polish is no longer made, but that doesn’t mean the brand is dead. In 2012 the brand was resuscitated under new ownership and is now turning heads.

When you think of Detroit, likely cars, Eminem and perhaps the Red Wings or Tigers come to mind.  But how about a luxury watch? Or how about a very cool lifestyle brand?   Shinola is the first company in decades to make luxury watches in the United States, and they’re putting a refined spin on Detroit’s manufacturing legacy- their factory is housed in a historic building that used to be home to a General Motors design studio and now is a part of the city’s College for Creative Studies.  Indeed, Hip Daddy loves the Tudor and Rolex watch family, but Shinola is from Detroit…for that reason alone, it’s time to get onboard.   The green Runwell Chrono is simply awesome and will pop on your wrist, and blends well with any Hip Daddy outfit you choose.

Outside of the watches, Shinola makes high-end bicycles that would leave any Amsterdam dweller drooling.  They also make an assortment of leather goods including this awesome football, and for all you creative Hip Daddys, their Journal line is simple and classic.   Shinola does it right.

Detroit needs help.  And although not known for creativity per say, Shinola is helping create a new Detroit ‘state of mind.’  Both Eminem and Shinola are from Detroit, and both Hip Daddy Approved.  One might think that Shinola is indeed a “Monster” (yes, we love Rihanna too) of lifestyle consumer goods about to explode on the scene.   Check them out..right about now.