Hip Daddy

04 02

The Hip Daddy Watch is Here: Tudor Watch Company

This watch brand is back, and looking better than ever.  The Tudor Watch Company has decades of rich history, but in 2004, the brand was no longer available in the USA.  Thankfully things changed this past Fall, when Tudor came back…swiftly and sweetly…making some noise that turned many heads and wrists very fast- it quite possibly could be the sharpest watch you have never heard of yet…until now.   Yes, it is in the Rolex family of watches, but perhaps a bit more approachable and attainable.

Attractive designs and excellent quality- this is why you buy a Tudor.  And look no farther than the Heritage Chrono Blue (pictured.)   This piece of beauty has a unique blue and orange design with a strap that simply makes this thing most certainly a ‘Hip Daddy You Need To Know About’ brand.  On the wrist is amazing, the perfect weekend watch with some Raleigh Denim jeans or a Rag & Bone tee, while of course rocking some Varvatos Chucks.  Whatever you choose to pair it with, it will not disappoint.

Tudor is Here, check them out, plain and simple.  Hip Daddy Approved.