Hip Daddy

09 22

What If Fortnite Embraced Remote Learning?

As we think about the role of video games, especially Fortnite, in today’s modern youth culture, some ideas start to percolate here at Hip Daddy HQ.

Fortnite has become notorious for many reasons but their ‘events’, from Star Wars to Travis Scott, have brought billions of eyeballs and terribly focused kids.  So…my friends at Epic Games, let’s help America’s youth during these difficult COVID schooling times and utilize your influential and gigantic platform to do some good.  What if you have ‘learning’ events? Where kids need to watch some sort of classroom tutorial in whatever format in order to play the game.  Learn for 20, play for 40.  Perhaps it is a Master Class type offering for kids which unlocks a new skin and ability to play the game? There are plenty of ideas here which I’m sure the minds at Epic could figure out but the point here is…have your video game make our kids smarter in an educational manner.

Reality #1:  Kids want to continue to play video games (after a summer of COVID binging) but now with school back in session, they need to get off the games and start Zooming and actually learn something.

Reality #2: Parents will struggle with their children around video game use during the school year given above.

So…if you combine the above realities, pivoting Fortnite into an educational offering (during remote COVID learning) to unlock game play and/or more could be interesting.   This Hip Daddy Household would indeed strongly consider letting the kids play Fortnite more if their was a special learning tool introduced.

It might be a wild and crazy idea, but we know today’s youth.  Leverage what matters to them most and use it to help them learn and get smarter.

@Fortnite…you could be even bigger than what you are right now, who would have thought?  Introduce some learning ‘events’ #rightaboutnow.