Hip Daddy

03 15

WTF YETI? Magnets In Our White Claw?

2 million Yeti coolers were recalled recently due to some magnet issues.  A once Hip Daddy Summer staple is now having some growing issues apparently.  What in the world does this mean for the islands of Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard? Is Summer cancelled? Will people actually bring the Igloo to Cisco? #Blasphemy.

We digress, it is only a couple products, so rejoice, our summers will still indeed be filled with Yeti and more Yetis.  On that note, Father’s Day is kinda around the corner and you know this brand has all sorts of great gifts #justsayin.

And yes, we are putting this in our “Health” category because magnets could potentially not be so ‘healthy’ with that White Claw or Rose 🙂