Hip Daddy

01 12

COVID Greatest Hits: Health

Maybe the title doesn’t work so well, but you will understand what we are doing here.  2020 was a year, period.  One that will hopefully never ever ever replicate itself again, ever.  So, many people are doing all sorts of things where you write down the “highlights” (what you learned etc) then you put them in some ‘vault’ in the cloud and open in 30 years and cry and tell stories…I get it, like it, but for the sake of Hip Daddy Nation, let’s do this in our little way.  Let’s talk about our stories of style, tech, health, etc during the year of 2020 that helped Hip Daddy get thru.  Ready, set, go…

Health.  Well, given a Pandemic, mental health is kinda important as well as overall ‘health’.  There is no ‘right’ formula, but here is what worked for the Hip Daddy Household.  Like most, we really ramped up the Peloton activity…it’s what you do when the outside world is scarey and your ‘home’ becomes your world essentially.  So yea, Cody B and this Hip Daddy had lots of fun #PelotonLife.  That said, nothing can replace the beauty of an outdoor run, so come Fall, the beauty of city running along the #CharlesRiver is too much to pass up…so we masked up and put the Hokas on, and off we went.  In terms of brain health, we ate lots of eggs, like every day.  (We also popped fish oil like tik taks #lol.)  We also got into all sorts of skincare and facial regimens we don’t necessarily care to share, but just read this for more info:).  And finally, yes, it was important to have those ‘Zoom cocktails” with friends/family/colleagues because being together was/is crucial, #always.

“Your body is your temple”, and COVID made this all too familiar statement even more important.  Health, it does the body good.