Hip Daddy

01 17

Today’s Start-Up Watch: Brainly.

As you know by now, we are always on the lookout for technology companies attempting to do some brilliant things.  And yes, we are supporters of the younger companies, the start-ups attempting to disrupt and do good.  And when it comes to our children’s education and learning, we are obsessed.  Or maybe ‘obsessed’ is a bit strong, but you know, we want what is best for our children and any sort of new company attempting to create “things” that will help them learn…sign us up.

Brainly is a multinational educational technology company straight outta Krakow, Poland that is deemed the world’s largest social learning community.  Now evidently that’s “80 million students a month, speaking 12 languages in 35 countries, all turning to Brainly to ask more, know more, and learn faster.” That is a lot of students using this platform.  We love how they talk about their company with a mantra like “For Students. By Students”, as well as the simple thought of “question everything, answer everything.”  Simple messaging that both students and parents can grasp and kinda feel inspired by.  So getting to the point, millions of students team up to share ideas, explore knowledge, and solve problems all on Brainly.  We like the collaboration and group effort here, and given how social networks are evolving everyday, this could become quite a powerful tool and overall learning platform.  We also like the global nature, something “bigger” to it by bringing kids from all parts of the globe to learn from one another is interesting.  

Finally, Hip Daddy isn’t the only people intrigued by Brainly, as they have raised over $27 million total to date…it’s cool to be smart, or should we say it’s “hip to be smart.”  So give Brainly a look, every Hip Daddy knows learning never goes out of style.