Hip Daddy

01 28

Dash & Dot Are Helping Your Kids Learn to Code.

Playtime just got smarter, and we like the sound of that.  Make learning to code meaningful and fun for our kids? Yes, sign us up.  Wonder Workshops is doing some really cool things every Hip Daddy needs to know about…

Dash & Dot is a robot combo that basically helps your kids learn to problem solve.  You can control Dash & Dot to move, light up, make sounds, and interact with each other…and as they say, “This dynamic duo can do anything you set your mind to.”  Coding is a big thing nowadays, and for your kids to learn it? #empowerment.com.   As they suggest…”We believe that every child should be empowered to question, think, and create.  We want to encourage them to be curious and to find their own joy in learning.  Coding enables creativity and agency in this new world.  By learning to code, they are becoming shapers of their own world.”  Hello smart people.  Amazing.

Wonder Workshops is a small team, based in San Mateo, CA, obsessed with bringing learning and laughter to children around the world.   Nice mission.  And to learn coding at such a young age….wow.   That is most certainly Hip Daddy Approved.

So how does it (Dash & Dot) really work?  We will save you the copy and have you simply watch this  video and you will be golden.  Best part, the robots have accessories you can buy…how awesome is that? It’s like American Girl meets Legos meets Mr. Potato Head meets Build-a-Bear etc.  Customization at its best…gone coding.

Coding is cool.  Let’s get the kids involved.  Check out Dash & Dot, it might be a fun exploration!  Playtime and screen time just got really smart…