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Hooray for Tinybop…Educational Apps for the Kids.

If you have a young child that knows what Apple is, then chances are they know what Apps are.  And chances are they know how to search, buy, download, load, etc without too much trouble or help from Hip Daddy or Mommy.  Even 2 year olds know the App world.  Hello technology.  That said, we’ve all been there…enough with finding a new app, playing it for second, then onto the next one.  It might drive you crazy, but more importantly, all this is not healthy for the kids.  Minecraft…great.  Subway Surfers….fine.  Lego City…yes.  Everything else…who knows anymore.  The world is full of Apps for kids, but generally they might not be suitable for all kids.  Enter Brooklyn…

Tinybop is a “Brooklyn-based studio of designers, engineers, and artists building elegant, educational iOS apps for kids around the globe.”  They are obsessed with curiosity, tinkering, and good plain fun and inspired by children’s books, toys, and stop-motion films.  In a nutshell, Tinybop “designs digital toys that dive into the strange wonders of our everyday world.” We can get behind this in a hurry, nicely done Brooklyn.  From the Human Body to Plants to Homes, each of their apps is colorful, playful, adventurous, and all about discovery.  Travel into the Intestines and learn about burps, barfs and farts.  Or how about burrowing underground and learning about soil layers, root systems and animal hideouts.  If this isn’t interesting, try having a key to an assortment of rooms/homes from around the world that are yours to discover…#nonstopfun #nodoubt.

Needless to say, we like what this company is trying to do with their apps.  Education.  Fun.  Discovery.  ‘Screen time’ is a good thing thanks to Tinbop.  Hip Daddy Approved.