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01 09

edX: Now Everyone Can Take a Class at Harvard and MIT…

Wait a minute. Is this true? It is. Hip Daddy don’t lie.   We like to shine the light on amazing things here at Hip Daddy so you all are informed and empowered as you go about your daily busy lives. And with that being said, edX is a brilliant company that, in a nutshell, is trying to make the world a better place…so yes, you need to know about it.

edX was founded in 2012 by Harvard and MIT, it is a part of the MOOC (massive open online curriculum) movement.  What this means is that as long as you have an internet connection, and a will to learn, you can take online classes at schools from around the world.  Anywhere, anyone, all are welcome. And although there are various players in this space, edX is the clear leader.  Given its ‘birth’ in Cambridge at the top institutions of Harvard and MIT, edX offers the best courses from the top professors from the top universities. Quality reigns.  And even better, the courses are FREE. Hello! The company prides itself on self-improvement and helping people improve their lives, their minds, their careers…which every Hip Daddy can support! From a high schooler looking to take a course on how to apply to college, or a current college student who always wanted to attend Harvard (but couldn’t), or a life-long learner who wants to study the Science of Happiness from some really cool CAL Berkeley professors, opportunity is everywhere with edX.

So given every Hip Daddy has children and perhaps believes strongly in the power of education, what does this mean for you?  It means your kids will always have an opportunity to learn (with no barriers), educational is always accessible…and we are talking high quality learning. And knowing every Hip Daddy loves a great inspiring speech, check out this Ted talk with their Founder, Anant Agarwal.

Technology is a beautiful thing.   Learning is powerful.  The MOOCS are here.  And edX is a Hip Daddy Must-Know.  Harvard here you come…