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01 20

Stio: This Jackson Hole Brand Is A Must-Know.

We love the West.  Wyoming, Montana, Colorado…beautiful places on earth, period.  As you know, we here at Hip Daddy HQ spend some time in lovely Sheridan, Wyoming every year and while we are traveling these parts, we are always on the lookout for those really cool, western lifestyle brands that you likely don;t know about…yet.  Kings Ropes in Sheridan is one of our faves, but when it comes to apparel and the outdoors, all we need to do is look towards Jackson Hole

Based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Stio is outdoor apparel and gear, founded “to inspire connection with the great outdoors through beautiful, functional products infused with mountain soul.”  Something about the “mountain soul” that inspires us too…great ethos around the brand.  Further, “Stio is apparel you can live in- in both the epic and everyday moments of outdoor life”, which again, kinda awesome.  And speaking of epic, what isn’t better than skiing and snowboarding (maybe even riding horses) with the kids in the mountain powder!  Hip Daddy Approved.  On to the product…

We like layering, and this Pinion Down Sweater is water-repellent and will keep you warm, while this Retro Skier Harkin Insulated Jacket is pretty sweeeet and will be looking good at the lodge post mountain activities.  Oh, and yes, their Kid’s product includes the perfect outdoor staples, keeping the kids warm and happy.

Jackson Hole has got it going on in more ways than one.  Stio is a Hip Daddy Must-Know.  Keep it warm, February is coming.