Hip Daddy

11 04

Bots? Chatbots? Get in The Game.

If you didn’t already know, the world of Bots is here…and here to stay.  They will make your life easier, trust us Hip Daddy Nation, trust.   Conversations with a computer program…what more could any Tech Hip Daddy want?

Even cooler, take the Bot craze and couple it with the US Presidential Election, and you might have a  pretty interesting idea around voting.  Once step further, put it on a mobile messaging app with over 800 million global users like Viber, and now you have quite the Bot focused around the Elections…but with an indeed global slant- #awesome.  Viber made a voting bot, where you can either vote for Trump, Clinton, or simply choose “I Don’t Care.”  It will be very interesting to see the results…Russia, Mexico, Middle East…how did they vote.  Only time will tell.

Technology that enables and empowers really cool “stuff” is indeed Hip Daddy Approved.  We are loving a lot of the Chatbots we have seen thus far, but it is only just beginning.

And of course, friendly reminder to all Hip Daddys, don’t forget to vote 🙂